Susan Brooks, LMT Fl Lic #MA50127   Al Lic #2685


                    "Massage is a must-it's a must-it's a must.  I personally have been involved with massage for twenty years.  It is part of my body management.  I work with horses as well as ride so I had my share of spills.  In addition, it is vital for a rider to stay balanced so as not to imbalance their horse.  It is my experience, that all the physical maintenance we do for ourselves is better served when massage is an integral part. There are many facets to muscle therapy that demand knowledge to address any and all rehab work.  Susan Brooks has painstakingly educated herself in multiple techniques as a result of understanding this need.  The structure of the human body requires an informed perceptive touch and Susan has been gifted with hands that see." 

Dennie Semore, EMT
Balance Freedom Equine Massage

"My massages allow me to set aside the cares of the day and physically get the "kinks" out.  It emotionally mellows me and the end result is a feeling of euphoria"

Juliana Horn

"Susan has good soft hands and is very knowledgeable.  She provides a calming atmosphere with music to enhance the experience.  A welcome relief for an achy body.  Overall a wonderful experience!"

Troy & Sherry Key

"Working as a Mental Health Counselor, I encounter individuals and families who are experiencing negative feelings and emotions.  Part of therapy is to empathize with clients and help them process their feelings: therefore, as a therapist, I take on some of the negative energy which triggers the release of stress hormones and they manifest themselves in physical symptoms.  Massage therapy is not only relaxing and soothing; it is very cathartic and releases endorphins that counteract the affect of the stress hormones.  After a massage, I not only feel completely relaxed, I have an overall sense of well-being.  Massage therapy is my mental health treatment."

Regina Dixon, LMHC