Susan Brooks, LMT Fl Lic #MA50127   Al Lic #2685

Massage Benefits

Massage is more than just a can also help calm, heal and relax your body, mind and spirit.  Massage therapy has also been shown to help relieve pain from headaches, neck and even low back pain.  More of the health benefits that massage offers may include:

*Increased awareness of the body
*Improved mental clarity
*Improved joint and muscle function
*Relief of stiffness in over used muscles
*Relief of stiffness after injury or surgery
*Relief of chronic pain or stress
*Decrease in anxiety or depression 
  with the release of seratonin in the brain
*Reduction of pain and swelling due to arthritis
*Enhanced circulation, providing more oxygen to muscles
*Reduced heart rate and blood pressure
*Improved posture and flexibility
*Stimulated immune function
*Maintained joint range of motion 
  thus helping prevent new injuries
*Enhanced athletic performance
*Increased energy levels
Start improving the quality of your life today, with regular massage therapy!  I look forward to working with you.